Valley of the Titans now available.
New cards, features, and quests.

Multiplayer Card Combat with Friends

Play through an epic campaign across a dozen continents with hundreds of unique quests with multiple difficulty levels. During your quest, you will find new cards in the wild, and discover the best method of combining and evolving each one as you seek to assemble the most powerful team in Arastia. Additionally, connect through Facebook or Gamecenter to stay engaged in the game with true cross-device gameplay on your iPhone, iPod, Kindle, or Android device.

Evolve your creatures,
unleash their true

A Dynamic

Buy, sell and bid on cards with detailed information and trending charts in the game’s real-time marketplace. Card values can soar and crash based on marketplace supply and demand. Only the sharp of mind and quick on the trade will thrive as you engage in exciting monetary transactions to strengthen cards and acquire equipment. You can also use boosters on cards as you evolve them to drive up the market value of a card over your competition.

The Goddess Isiria needs you to vanquish the corruption and reunite the Kingdoms of Arastia.


Alex Seropian Co-founder of Bungie the creators of Halo

I'm impressed! The game looks beautiful and, more importantly, it's fun and engaging. I'm not really into games like Rage of Bahamut and haven't played Magic in forever, but I really enjoyed playing Elements!